We take care of your best friend when you need us to

Dog walking in your local area with all the mod-cons.

Instant reports

As soon as a walk is complete you'll get a full report on exactly where your dog has been, how long they were out for, if and when they went to a pee or poop and some pictures of the walk! Ultimate puppy visibility.

Fully covered

We have extensive experience looking after your family member so we make sure that should anything happen we are fully covered by our public liability insurance for your peace of mind. It's always best to be prepared.


what works

Our dog walking is all about you and your best friend. We have multiple walk schedules that you can pick from at times that are suitable for you. We also can provide bespoke walking packages for you!

News & updates


When every moment counts

Here at Pad's & Paw's and knowing how expensive your little family member can be, we all want value for money which is why you get exactly what you pay for. 

Our pricing is very competitive and the hour walk you book with us is what your little friend will get. This means on our exciting adventure, travel time to and from location is included as well as lots of tasty treats and water to keep hydrated. 

When meeting you and your furry friend we will undertake a full evaluation and consultation with you to discuss, need's wishes and wants to get the best out of your pooch and give you piece of mind. This will include dietary need's for those little treats we all know your friend will want and need; any behaviour issues that you would like us to work on; if you are happy for us to walk off lead or on lead, which will also be evaluated again when we're on walk to make sure that we're happy with this when they are under our supervision and care.

Each individual will have a dedicated and individual file stored safely which will contain a photograph taken upon meeting, special needs and particular issues or concerns, dietary needs and all information you have provided me. This means we're able to leave you to get on with those commitments you have and get on with making sure that your little one has the best and most fun experience each and everyday while in my capable hands. 

One thing we pride ourselves on is being different and being the best and so when we walk, WE WALK AS A PACK, and we are a family. When on our walks, each pampered pooch is required to wear my signature bandana which matches my uniform  so the public can see that we are a team and mean business and fully intend on having the best, safest time possible. 

Why don't you come and join the party? The best your pup will find. 


To make sure that we minimise travel time picking up 'the pack' we currently offer walks in the following areas:

  • Ashford
  • Charing
  • Tenterden
  • Kingsnorth
  • Wye
  • Hamstreet
  • Stanhope
  • Great Chart
  • Aldington
  • Willesborough
  • Kennington
  • Little Chart
  • Bethersden
  • Woodchurch
  • Bonnington

We cover all the surrounding areas of the above so if you're nearby or don't see your area on there, please get in touch!

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